Proven advertising tactics

Imagine. You are excited about Christmas or other kind of shopping which includes but not limited to going to going to the shopping mall. You browse the shops, you go window shopping, and, exhausted, you finally end up in the area of the food court. After that, you continue your explorations in the world of buying. It does not matter that half of the things that you buy, you will probably return in the next couple of days, but right now you are in the mood for buying!

Suddenly, when walking in the shopping mall, you notice that there is a child looking at you from the floor. You stop. No matter your speed before you saw that advertisement. Or, at least, you pause for a while. The last resort that you could take refuge in is to step near the photo of the child, but definitely not upon it. That is how effective floor advertising can be if used with the help of the children. Or chickens that have just fledged. The effect is said to be the same. And you do not have to appeal to different advertising techniques, such as Skippable or Panache ads!

Speaking about advertisements that feature children. What is the best way to advertise a product in the ads with the children? I am not sure whether the researchers in the eye-tracking studies select their subjects for experiments based on subjects’ predispositions toward children, such as: “I do not want to have them at all” or “I would really really love to have children” or “I do not want to have children, but I like them anyway, because they are adorable!” I think that the subjects for this particular study were selected randomly. But here is what they found:

Look where your customers look when there is a child in the advertisement!

Here is the conclusion: Do you want your product to stand out and to be noticed? Do not “advertise” a child (no matter how pretty he or she is), make a child to be interested in the product:

See where those red spots are? People are paying way more attention to the description of your product than to a cute child right now.

I wonder what or who else could be used for the same purpose and with the same effect?

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