“Destined to win” the World Cup

– So, what brands do you remember seeing when watching the soccer tonight? – asked I my roommate, who was watching this World Cup very closely.

– Coca Cola, some bank, Hyundai, FlyEmirates…

The answer of my second respondent was less rich. Adidas was the only brand that was noticed by him during the game. These two results of my improvised experiment go very much in line with the findings of many papers on product placement and advertising. Some people remember brands, others do not pay attention to them. Some people only remember seeing certain brands after being told that such and such brand’s advertising appeared during the game.

I would say that the most spectacular part of product placement during this World Cup definitely belonged to FlyEmirates with their flight attendants standing on the sides of the jubilant Japanese team when Japan was celebrating its victory. FlyEmirates strategy of placing its beautiful flight attendants near the prizes to be received by the winning teams is similar across the sports, whether we are talking about women’s soccer, tennis or cricket.

What about the effectiveness of advertising for any brand if it is shown after the defeat of the team it supports? I would assume that the emotions of the viewers watching Nike commercial featuring US soccer women’s team would have been more elevated and, hence, more favorable towards Nike if the team won the World Cup. Even though it is also possible to say that Nike was supporting the US team even when they lost the World Cup, which is a good thing for the brand.

What about the image of FlyEmirates constructed during this World Cup? Would presence of its flight attendants on the stage during the World Cup award ceremony result in Japanese public more liking this airline? What about the likings of the American public?

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One Response to “Destined to win” the World Cup

  1. Heather says:

    Personally, I thought placing female models on the stage with the Japanese team was ridiculous. The winning team should not have to share the spotlight!!

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