Questions every woman should know an answer to.

Movies mirror our lives. Movies, such as The Accused, stand for social change. Movies, such as Irreversible, teach us how to behave. Including how to behave if one is faced with a rapist. If he threatens you with a knife, ask yourself a question: “Does he really want to kill or does he simply want to rape?” If you are bold enough to ask a man who threatens you with a knife that question, don’t make it sound as if you were doubting his determination. You will insult his masculinity. And that would be a huge mistake on your part, mistake from which you will suffer. Instead, use logic. And reason. Think about the reactions of people who accused Jesus Christ: What were they doing when he was looking at them? Some of them would avert their eyes and would scatter away. Be like that inside when confronting a rapist.

If a rapist threatens you with a knife, ask yourself a second question: “Are you ready to get raped and spend years going to psychologist talking about what happened to you?” Rarely the goal of rapists is to kill. See, most of rape victims were sexually assaulted in a situation where rape was a “bonus” for a rapist. For instance, he wanted to rob your house, and, by chance, you happened to be there.

If a rapist threatens you with a knife, ask yourself: “Is it better for your face to be disfigured or is it better to be raped?” – That was a question faced by the character of Monica Bellucci in Irreversible. Keep in mind. If you are unable to run away from your aggressor, if you do not want your face to be sliced with a knife, at the very least, try to do something disgusting. Puke. Pee. Make yourself as undesirable as possible to him. That is the way many women escaped the fate of being raped during the Second World War. And one more thing, don’t beg. Ever. Don’t dream that it would be possible to beg him into not doing it. And don’t cry. It would only make him aroused.

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