“A force more powerful” vs. India’s rape epidemic


After multiple accounts of sexual attacks on women-students, women-tourists, women-professionals in India, the country welcomes an advertising campaign for women’s rights. Condemning domestic violence, “Abused Goddesses” promote awareness about the situation surrounding women’s rights in India. In light of recent multiple sexual assaults on women who live in India and who visit the country as tourists, the campaign is a part of the non-violent movement. Emphasizing consequences of domestic violence, it represents a voice for those who were sexually assaulted, those who were trafficked, those disfigured by acid attacks.



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One Response to “A force more powerful” vs. India’s rape epidemic

  1. Victoria Cole says:

    This is so powerful and necessary to stop general apathy about this, celebrities in UK and India although some Bollywood stars have spoken against it, seem unwilling to participate in a real opposition to this. I tweeted around 40 UK celebrities who only seem interested when its something that can affect them like cancer , although there is the Sex for Profit movie that hopefully can change this?
    Please support victims sign share http://forcechange.com/52986/stop-the-rape-culture-in-india/ … … … http://forcechange.com/66007/stop-the-rape-epidemic-in-india/comment-page-1/#comment-579805 … … … http://forcechange.com/100925/demand-justice-for-gang-raped-tourist/?utm_source=ForceChange+Newsletter&utm_campaign=7fb2805238-NL4311_20_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_600a6911b9-7fb2805238-295635845 … … … Thank You

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