Anime: Fighting Russian Occupation of Crimea

Two stories. Two pictures. The anime way of fighting for social change.

anime1This one is about Crimea, a Ukrainian territory annexed by Russian Federation with the help of the referendum, the legitimacy of which is questionable. Referendum which is not recognized by the civilized World. The lady on the left is Crimean Tatar, the lady on the right is Ukrainian. The message? Crimea=Ukraine.

anime2This one is meant to trick supporters of pro-Russian forces and Russian invasion of Crimea. It says: “Call 565 to support Russian Crimea!” Anyone who calls “565” supports Ukrainian military that is fighting Russian aggression. It is a number to call to donate money to impoverished Ukrainian military forces. The girls on the photo represent Russia (left) and Ukraine (right). The dress of a Ukrainian girl resembles the flag of the Russian fleet, whereas the dress of a Russian girl resembles the Russian flag.

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