The Austrian way of fighting trash in the city


Even before the Eurovision Song Contest of 2015, the streets of Vienna were plastered with advertisements reminding people about the importance of trash. The trash bins have either an ultra modern or antique design. And if the dogs are shown, only the pure breeds are in the spotlight (e.g., favorite Weimaraner, the breed that hails from the neighboring Germany).

The central message of the campaign is: “If you want to feel like Royalty, behave the Royal way.” These are the components of success. Plus, overwhelming public relations efforts and support of the campaign at the city level.


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1 Response to The Austrian way of fighting trash in the city

  1. Great marketing. I myself have brainstormed effective ways of limiting littering and encouraging proper trash disposal, specifically at events and large-quantity gatherings — Maybe a game where if you shoot your trash in the specified slot, you win a ticket (similar to an arcade.) The possibilities are endless. There is a definite need for clever trash disposal marketing and this is a great execution!

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