Haytarma – When 1944 equals 2015?


Entering the finals of the Eurovision, Jamala’s song about the deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944 spotlighted the past, present, and uncertain future of the nation that is cornered by the Kremlin once again. In 2015. Crimean Tatars face deportation again, exactly 71 year after their first deportation.

Haytarma: “A story about a tragic date in the history of the Crimean Tatar nation – 18 of May 1944 -Stalin’s deportation of the Crimean Tatars.” English subtitles provided. It is a movie about beauty, dance, love, courage, suffering, and honor.

It is a story about the nation that faced deportation in 1944, deportation that was enacted by the former Soviet Union. Hundreds of thousands were deported to the remote corners of Russia when their husbands, brothers, and sisters were fighting for the Soviet Union in the Second World War in 1944. The majority of the deported died even before reaching their destinations. When their loved ones returned from the Second World War, nobody greeted them at home.




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