Propaganda of patriotism and art, 2015

The works of artists from the Russian internet-based organization Studio 13 featured “Ten Commandments of Russian people.” The exhibit took place in Moscow earlier this month. Studio 13 is associated with United Russia, the current ruling political party. Among the works of artists that look as if they were political advertisements:

“Don’t sell yourself!” (left)

“Don’t just say that you are a true patriot. Support your words with actions!” (right)

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Reign: popular TV series promoting sexual assault awareness


The “Acts of War” episode of Reign had ended with an unprecedented call from Adelaide Kane, who appealed to the victims of sexual assault and reassured them that they would be heard, they would regain their pride, that terrible things happen in life, but they must not define anyone.

The episode quickly ignited debates on whether the scene containing the sexual assault on Mary, the Queen of Scots (played by Adelaide Kane in the TV series) was appropriate. But the producers of the episode stood their ground, explaining that they did it to spread awareness about rape victim blaming.

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Social media against sex trafficking


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Stimulating social change. Literally.

empty bottle on street-1

Recycling a bottle flash-mob

A booster for emotions better than coffee: >2 mln. views, >3K “likes,” and heart pounding hard after watching it.

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Письмо от “друзей”


Мне друзья из Москвы и Карелии
Пишут «правду» про нашу войну…
Мы бы с мамой москвичкам поверили,
Если б не был мой брат в плену!

Если б улицы наши тусклые
Не заполнили “гости” с Кавказа…
Если б «братья» смоленские, русские!
Не стреляли в детей Донбасса!

Я бы спорить ни с кем не стала,
Если б чистое было небо,
Если б утром старуха-мама
Не рыдала над коркой хлеба!

Чебоксары, Саратов, Бийск
Знают «правду» про нашу войну!
Знают «правду» со слов убийц,
Что ворвались в мою страну…

Тетяна Малахова

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A PR move dedicated to saving Nadya Savchenko, an abducted Ukrainian pilot

no wordsCivic public relations in action. A courageous Ukrainian guy congratulated Ukraine with the upcoming Ukrainian Independence Day by painting “…the “seven sisters” spire in Moscow in Ukrainian blue” and raising “the Ukrainian flag overnight on August 19-20…”

He did all this also to bring the world’s attention to the case of Nadya Savchenko, an abducted Ukrainian pilot, whom he wants to rescue from Russian prison by offering himself in her stead.



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